Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Mission: searching for a room in Innsbruck

It was the end of October. After spending quite a lot of time in Innsbruck since June, I got an idea that living here in winter could be a great experience. So it was time to find my own place. I had never had flat viewings in my life. Living in the same flat for 8 years in Ljubljana was cosy. Also when I gave my flat away, I had exactly 4 viewings, all in the same afternoon. But I can say I had luck, because the fourth couple was exactly the type of people you want to live in your flat (:
But searching for a room in Innsbruck is another story. The time I was searching was probably the worst possible: the colledge started and everyone was looking for a flat. People told you right away: "Yes, we have 20 or 30 (or more) candidates for our flat." Innsbruck is a student city and because of that a lot of them accept only students (cause otherwise, other roommates don't get a subsidy for their rooms). Another difficulty you might be dealing with is time. For example: you write them on Monday and they reply, that you can come next week on Wednesday at 5 p.m. Which is a problem if you work everyday till 6 p.m. And when you ask if you could possible come a bit after 6 p.m., they reply: "Ok, but please hurry up, because at 7 p.m. we already have another person coming." And yes, people here have interviews with their potential new roommates. They ask you everything possible. I remember a guy living here said that when they were looking for a new rommate in their flat, they had 40 people coming and they had conversations with each of them. I asked: "40? Isn't that a bit too much? Do you guys really have time and energy for all those people?" He said: "Yes, it's important to me with whom I will live." Another friend told me that his friend didn't find a room here, so he moved to some other austrian city. It's actually not that hard to believe that now. And another fact: it is an expensive city. Someone told me, that the rents here are higher than they are in Vienna.
So, having about 20 flat viewing on average is kinda normal here. I don't know how many I had, but I would say about 10 or 12. And sometimes it was fun. There was a guy which I met at two flats in the same afternoon. In one flat they had sauna, but was full with things. The girl said I can clear it and use it if I want to. Come on, if I had sauna in my flat I would be in it the whole time! :D So yes, you can hear a lot of interesting things while visiting these random people. One girl told me that their roommate moved away because the room reminded her too much of her ex boyfriend :D
Last but not least, it's not a bad idea to do some Couchsurfing, when having difficulties while searching and you actually don't know how (and when) things will turn out. 
So yes, it was exhausting, but at the end I found a really cute flat, located literally under the mountains which means we see them from every room. A guy living here in Innsbruck said while we were talking about some city: "They might have the view on the mountains, but we have them here." Actually I feel like I'm here on a vacation. A bit longer vacation (: 

The view from a living room. I call it magic (:

Thursday, 16 October 2014

When breakups become more cruel

Twenty-something women (closer to 30 than 20): when I look at the girls of my generation, I see that a lot of them are married/getting children, when it looks like the majority of them is in a serious relationship. Others are either single or maybe they just ended a relationship. A relationship they thought it was the one. So, why do the breakups get more cruel?

Talking with a friend my age about our peers settling down (having children), we agreed that we are under no pressure because of that (in fact we still feel quite young), but I believe at this age we somehow start wanting things (=relationships) that lead somewhere. What I can't really say for men this age. It can happen that a woman thinks they are doing fine, while he likes her and enjoys being with her. But if their relationship ended out of nowhere, he'll be just fine with it, while she will feel it's a great loss for her. And that he'll just find/meet someone in the future, while she believes she was lucky to meet him and who knows if she will have that luck again someday. So, when women our age meet a person, who represents a package that fits us in all aspects, it's likely we won't feel need to meet/ be with other people anymore.  

I read somewhere (or maybe did I hear it) that (though every death is hard and sad) it's even somehow harder for the relatives when someone dies suddenly, in a moment (for example in a car accident) than when someone is dying for a longer time. Because in the second case  relatives have time to prepare themselves and the chance to say goodbye, while in first case this is not possible. I don't know about death, but I think something like this happens in relationships. That probably the most painful way of ending some story is, when you thought the relationship worked really good and had a future, but it ended in a moment, out of nowhere. A story in which there was no arguing, no cheating, where nobody felt estranged from another. So, the one person, with whom you could practically stay forever, in a minute becomes a part of your past.

And what about the famous bad timing thing? Well, I'm convinced it doesn't exist, At least not when two people who like each other are together. Because if you want to be with someone, you make an effort no matter what. And where there's a will, there's a way.

Charles Bukowski once said:"You have to die a few times before you can really live." But women in twenty-something (around 30) got to this point of our life during years. Years in which we gained lessons, knowledge, experience. So there comes a time when we are able to settle down if (in our opinion) the one comes around. So guys, keep that in mind when dating a girl from this group. Especially if she's a keeper! (:

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Where can you meet the most interesting people?

When we were younger (and single) my friends and me thought that we will meet interesting guys in the clubs. Then you see  that it doesn´t work like this and is therefore more an exeption than the rule. :D

Now, years later and quite a lot of international interactions behind me, my list of top 3 ways/places where you (can) meet interesting people goes like this:

1.) Carsharing: definitely the most sociable way of travelling (especially if you are travelling alone). All of my drivers on long distances were talkative, so also the rides were cool. Actually I can´t stay quite (and I don´t get the people who do that), because you can find out so many interesting things this way. For example: my last driver and me found out that we have a mutual friend (who is not a Slovene and lives in Germany!). When he walked me to his place, this our friend was laughing, like: What are you two doing here together? What a surprise for all of us! :DWith my other driver I was later singing at the karaoke. (: To sum up: 3 really pleasant guys in the last 3 months. 3 new friends, not bad!

2.) Couchsurfing: I have been writing about this before. But once again: via this community I have met truly interesting people. Last week I was hanging out with a guy from Sweden which was so amusingly. A friend recently asked me how is this scene and how are people here like. I said that it´s like all these people are the same nation, because they are not typical representatives of their countries. So if for example some nation is known to be close-minded or not open for meeting new people, these couchsurfers for sure are not like that.

3.) Friends of friends: And  last but not least: friends of your friends. I think it´s very likely to find a cool co-speaker in this group. Yes, I know-it´s not easy for women to find/have true female friends, but hey-maybe you´ll meet some cool person at the babyshower party. :D Or you can meet a new male friend at your friend´s birthday party.

So, that was my top 3 list. A list of people/events/things that made my life richer in the last weeks/months. And how do they say: "To travel is to live?" (:

Friday, 29 August 2014

Where I left my heart

I fell in love again. Not with a man, with a city. It's like everyone has a favourite city, and to me that's Munich. I just don't know why it took me so long to actually go there. :D

The view from the balcony
My second visit. Staying at my new friend's flat on a famous street called Leopoldstraße. The building itself is amazing, but the view from the balcony at night is just breathtaking! It turned out that my host/new friend has a lot of friends from Slovenia who live in Germany. And as he said, he likes us because we are really cool and open people, just our language is strange. :D Hehe. A funny guy.

Dianatempel, Hofgarten (:
"Do you like to walk?" "Ja, sure!" He gave me a guidebook and the exploring began. Actually I just had to walk down this street for about half an hour to the city centre and on my way I say the sights. 
Walking down the street
Since I adore parks, the Hofgarten with it's Dianatempel was really charming! Even the taxies, all in the same colour, are so cool. And the architecture in general. Oh, and the Karlsplatz with it's fountain! (:

An interesting question?
But the highlight for sure was meeting my former host who took me to the Englischer Garten. You know, when you are in a good company at the great place? (: It was already dark outside and I didn't see much, but we saw surfers in the Eisbach river. Oh, and seeing the bats while lying on the grass. :D

So many impressions for "just" an ordinary day in the city. After experiencing all these animations, you just can't go back home. At least not for some time. Oh, I also found an interesting quote: "Thomas Wolfe was right when he said that Munich was a German heaven on earth."
The view from a restaurant

Monday, 18 August 2014

A chain of decisions

Do you ever wonder why and/or how some things/events happen? Things that you didn't plan and look like a coinsidence.

Well, I don't believe that things happen by coincidence. I can't neither say that I believe in fate. But I believe in words which I read in the past: "Everything in life is as it should be." And that whole life exists of our choices, or better: decisions. But there's something which fascinates me: how do you find yourself in some place and how a chain of decisions (or actions) brings together two people (and by that I don't mean just a man/woman relation, but in general)?

I had an interesting experience in Austria 2 months ago (this time I was there for business not for pleasure). I was supposed to spend the night in some village, which I arranged already at home. Coming there I decided to take a look around and took a walk on the left side of the village. There I met a girl and we said: "Hallo." Soon I was trying to find my place and figured out that this might be hard since the house numbers weren't in a sequence at all. Then there came again the girl I met before. Great! I asked her if she could help me find that place and the next moment we were searching together. "Did you take a walk when we met?" She said: "Yes." "That was a short walk,ha?" She said something like: "Yoo!" To shorten the story: in the end I didn't stay there due to some misapprehension and was running to catch the girl again so I could ask her for some hotel there because I really didn't want to drive back to the city again. She made a call and said: "No problem, you can stay at my aunt's house." 

And there I was: spending the night in a cute wooden house with a woman my mother's age. My bed had been ready before, like she would be expecting some couchsurfer that day :D I said: "You have a really cute house, I would like to live like that someday." She said: "Oh, I don't like it. I want to move to Bali." Well..who doesn't? :D

My cute austrian room
Thinking about it later, there are some elements that fascinate me. How did this girl and me both find ourselves at the same time in that part of the village (or better: how I caught her there during her few minutes walk). And was I supposed to sleep over at her aunt's place already from the moment I arranged my place on? I know, actually it's just about spending the night somewhere, but I think things like that are quite often also at more important matters in life. Also at finding a partner. (:

The same day I saw some interesting quote in the city centre (of course it was in German) and it goes like this: "Life is more than the notion that we have about it."

Monday, 11 August 2014

A day with cousins

Last Sunday I spent with my 2 cousins. With one I often hang out, the other one (my only male cousin) I met just a few times. I think we sometimes act like a 140 kilometres distant place is on the other side of the world and that the whole procedure is needed to visit someone. And though our country is small, there are still a lot of places we haven't visited yet. So, it was time for some family gathering and discovering unknown parts of Slovenia. (:

The view with my cousins (:
After spending some time at the grandpa's house our cousin took us to Golte (a ski resort above Mozirje). He showed us the best view on the landscape, then to a renovated hotel (where we were staying in 4th grade) and from there we climbed to the reservoir and had a drink at the cabin. This lake was new to me. High away from the world, talking about life, relationships and other stuff. And you don't hang out with your cousins like the that everyday. 
At the revoir
Walking back down to our car we met a man from the cabin who served us-such a positive person. It was a short, but interesting convesation about life. He said: "But in the end you see, it's important just not to complicate things." I agree.    

The hotel. I think it looks cute (:
We agreed it was a quality spent Sunday. It was also time for some carpooling in which case it's good to have an assistant, who answers all the calls while you are driving (: With the last guy that was driving with us we also had a cool conversation and at the end he wanted to pay more. I said: "No,I'll take just as much as I wrote." He replied: "It's been a while since I have had such a pleasant ride." I think we should compliment things so honestly more often. Actually I think the world needs more of that! Not just that his words made my evening, I was in a cheerful mood even the next day. (:

The sunset on our way home
And the cousins? They are closer than we might think! (:

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A girl travelling alone

In the last 2 months I've been abroad 4 times. Everytime alone, by carpooling and couchsurfing, well to be more exact: staying with people I met there :D Some people say that a girl who travels alone is brave, but I agree with Thomas Jefferson who said: "One travels more usefully when alone, because he reflects more."

A coincidence? My driver picked me up in Ljubljana and said: "Heey! We've been driving together before! But we were both passengers." I didn't recall that, so after he described our ride, I remembered. How small the world is! Well, this can happen only in Slovenia. :D A guy from Ljubljana, visiting his girlfriend in Austria. It was one of those rides when very soon you feel domestic with that person and 5 hours just fly by. When your co-speaker is extremely honest and open-minded, so you talk with him basically about everything. And when getting out of the car at the end you get a feeling that you have a new good friend. He said: "Damn, now you know too much about me!" :D Another 2 coincidences: he lived at the same street as where I was staying and one day I met him and his girlfriend in the city centre. I said: "I forgot to tell you, but you are really cool!" "Thanks, you are too!"
The Inn river

Innsbruck through my eyes: my second visit here. In the evening I took a walk alone, near the Inn river to the city centre. This area, where you can see those colourful houses looks really nice.

Next days were more animated: hiking, a students party in the meadow, seeing a cute place (Ambras castle) on our way there. There was also time to read a book/drink a beer on a balcony and to visit the shops and bookstores there (they also have Mango). (:

The best soup in my life! (the right one) (:
Oh, and I ate the best soup and risotto in my life. The first one (Kartoffelsuppe) was on the top of a mountain, the second was prepared at home by guys. Mmm (:

The view on Innsbruck
The Ambras castle
On Sunday we had parliamentary elections at home in Slovenia (our professor won. I hope this will be a positive change for our messed up country), but here the main event was the FIFA World cup finale, which we watched at the Treibhaus.I'm not that into football, but watching it with guys from Germany was interesting. And I love Germany (:

At the Treibhaus
Selfie at the toilet
Travelling back home the next day from Innsbruck to München and from there to Slovenia with 3 guys was relaxed and we didn't talk much. We were all slightly tired: some because of exams and others because of parties :D

Monday, 30 June 2014

Sometimes we are not the same afterwards

June, my favourite month. Because I was born in this month, but this year I also did a trip in June. An unimportant decision, which looking in a retrospective, turns out to be important, or at least big.

Already on a motorway my heart plays a song (:
München: I traveled through this city for several times, but never actually stopped there. So I was planning to visit it last December and found a host, but plans changed and instead of then I somehow came to his birthday party 6 months later. Furthermore, we were born on the same day! (: Already while walking on their street I got a feeling that this is going to be a cool city. After staying at his place for some time and exploring the city centre on my own something happened in my head. I felt like this is a city where I feel really good, the city where I could and would like to live. 
Exploring the city centre
Being  a guest at the party was also an interesting experience. Watching a football match (Germany vs. Ghana) and later playing some games that I've never seen before: Flunky ball, Beer pong and Looping Louie. It's a fact that at this one party I met more interesting people that I would do somewhere else in a much longer time. And though I love my country, I realised here how small our everyday world at home is. And how much more is it out there. Though I was really looking forward to my trip to Austria, it was hard for me to leave this city.
Looping Louie

Innsbruck: an opposite from München. Staying at my friend's place, where you have a view on the mountains from the balcony, the kitchen and even from the bathroom. If that's not romantic! (: 
On a balcony
Here I did a mountain biking for the first time (with the real mountain bike and everything) to the Nordkette. While for cycling up you need to be persistent, downhill was harder for me. These rocks! :D But lying on the grass on the top, having nothing on my mind, just existing..that was a priceless feeling!
Lying on the grass
On a rainy day we walked through the city centre and since I was hanging out with a photographer, we spontaneously made some cool pictures. From one of them we made a postcard, which I think is a great idea an a personal way of sending postcards. I sent 2 to Slovenia and 2 to Germany (:

A walk in the city centre
On a rainy day
"It's true that those we meet can change us, sometimes so profoundly that we are not the same afterwards, even unto our names." 
And that's exactly how I feel now.

Cycling in Austria
Coming back home, my sister asked me:
"Where do you find all these guys?"
"On couchsurfing." Couchsurfing, babe! (:

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Days to remember

"Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about." (Charles Bukowski)

Most of the days just go by, with no specific meaning. When I wished my friends a happy birthday in the past, I often said: "And I wish you lots of moments that will take your breath away." Days to remember. Because that's what life is all about, isn't it?

Last weekend were my days to remember. A friend from Germany was staying at my place. Actually we met just once before. I thought going to the seaside would be a perfect getaway from Ljubljana, so we spent the first day in Portorož and Koper. Walking along the coast, lying on the pier, having a drink on that comfortable couch and looking at the sea. Speaking quite frequently english and german recently, I realised how beautiful our language is.

On the pier in Portorož
When even driving in silence in the rain on a motorway has its charm. Maybe it's because you are aware of how limited your time with that person is and because of that you experience it more intensively.
At the Skyscraper

The next day we spent in Ljubljana. In the morning I attended the women's running in the park, so he was hanging out with my friend in between. Later that day we went to the Nebotičnik (Skyscraper), so he could take the pictures of the city. I waited and at some point he took some pictures of me. The entire happening was so spontaneous, that I thought it's kind of amazing to have such a harmony with someone you don't know that good.

"Don't make an effort. The best things happen when you least expect them."  This is one of my favourite quotes. On the third day he went back home. But the memories remain.

The view

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high

I found this quote by pure chance on the web and liked it immediately. I kind of recognised myself in it and thought it would be cool to have a photo, related to it. Next day I was spending the afternoon with a girl from France in Ljubljana and of course we were taking pictures. Later at home I have noticed that, though unintentionally,we made that photo (:
The picture

That week I also started reading The top five regrets of the dying (an amazing book, by the way) in which the author also wrote about the walls people build around them. That it is a way of protecting yourself from being hurt, but on a long-term you cause the most damage actually to yourself. One of the top regrets people had before dying was: "I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings." These stories were really very sad. One man told her, that his son just knows he loves him. She asked him: "Did you tell him that?" He replied, that he didn't, but that he just knows it. The truth was that his son believed he has to prove himself for his father to love him, so he didn't know it. At that point I thought about the Chapman's 5 Love languages and how we express our love in different ways. Words of affirmation are just one way.

A decoration
Omnia vincit amor. A quote a man at the Ljubljana Castle (also that week) wrote me and I pasted it in my room. Translation: Love conquers all. Sounds like a cliche at first glance, I know. But looking at it for a while, it crossed my mind that there is actually so much love around us, we just have to see it. Mother, preparing you all the possible things when you are ill. The cousins you can rely on. Your dog seeking for love. A neighbour's cat coming to cuddle with you.

With my youngest cousin last weekend

Like Nena sings: "Liebe ist." 
Love. Liebe. Ljubezen. Ljubav.

An adorable cat, that was following us. So we made a photoshooting with her :D

Friday, 23 May 2014

Cleaning out my wardrobe

Abraham Lincoln once said: "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. And that's my religion." Words to internalise, in my opinion.

Last weekend I found my mother in the attic of my parents' house and asked: "Mum, what are you doing?" "I'm gathering the clothes, which we are going to send to people in flooded places in Bosnia." My mother-such a modest and generous woman. A few minutes later I was automatically cleaning out my wardrobe. For the same purpose.

Since it has been a while that I did that, I found a lot of things I don't wear anymore or I forgot I have. Blue jeans, skirts, shirts,.. It's hard to imagine that one person wore them all, due to their different styles, but I'm sure that each of the pieces will find a new owner. Of the clothes I haven't worn for a long time, I kept just those with a story behind. A pullover my deceased grandmother bought me, although it's too big, but maybe one day it will fit me. 

When I finished, I remembered what my cousin, a dentist (with whom I lived in my first year at the faculty), used to say. She was a real enthusiast and we had strict rules about cleaning. When one of us (3 girls living together) finished with cleaning, she asked: "Don't you guys feel so much better now, when everything is so clean?" Oh yes, we surely did (:

I finished in about half an hour and emptied approximately the half of my wardrobe.

But the most important fact: I felt good.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

A sports addict

I never did any sports. Even our high school workout wasn't interesting to me. Besides that I had luck to be skinny, so I didn't "need" to work out for that reason. The only sport I did was inline skating which, after 18 years, I still adore. Now I'm almost a sports addict. I like hiking, but my biggest passion is cycling.

Making a picture for a friend
My cycling story started 5 years ago, when my colleague from faculty invited me to go cycling with her. At start, our average tour lasted 60 kilometres and it was probably the best possible way of hanging out:  conversations with women topics, being in nature, burning calories :D But the best part about it was the energy you had for the rest of the day. At my 25 I was more fit than ever before.

A 180 km tour
I remember that before we went on a 180 km tour, some friends asked whether we are going to sleep over somewhere during it. I said: "Yes, we are going to sleep over in Celje and go back home the next day." "Oh, I thought you guys are going to sleep over somewhere already on your way there!" But 90 kilometres really is nothing when you are in a good shape:D Ok, it depends on how hilly the landscape is. To me, the toughest tour was from Novo mesto to the Kolpa river (about 105 kilometres). We cycled there in the morning, were swimming during the day and cycled back home in the evening. The tour was quite hilly, besides that 2 angry dogs were chasing us. What a fun! :D 
Friends (even my mother) thought that is me in the picture (:

Speaking of dogs, I like this quote: "Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of the car window." Cycling really is about experiencing the world around you on a completely different level. Like I read somewhere: driving in a car is like watching pictures, while cycling is seeing things live. According to the research, people who regularly do sport activity look younger, are more satisfied with their life and live longer!

Cycling on a sunny day, May 2014
"Sport keeps young." I just wish I would have started sooner!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The story of us

People in Germany (usually friends of my friends) often asked me where did I learn German. I told them that I learned it for 4 years in high school, because it was my second foreign language. Then they usually said, that I speak their language very well. I always replied: "We had a tough and demanding professor."

My hometown. The Grammar School is on the right side
Our Grammar School (Gimnazija Novo mesto) has always had a high reputation for having tough professors. And the toughest of them all were our English and German professor. Everybody knew that and most of us were afraid of them. They were so called old school professors with an amazing authority. Our English professor was also my neighbour, but she didn't know that and I never mentioned it. Actually, she never really memorised my name :D Our grades at these two subjects were on average 2 grades lower than our grades in general and we were often complaining that they demand a college knowledge. The last year we got a new professor for German and our grades increased.

I. Samobor, Class Enemy
"Today I would like to speak in Slovenian. I don't want either you or me to miss anything. Tell me, what did I do wrong? Tell me honestly. You have nothing more to fear." This is a quote that really moved me. It is from the movie Class Enemy which is based on a true story that happened at our school (also the film was shot there). The director of the movie and my cousin were freshmen, I was still attending Primary School when a student comitted suicide. Watching this movie was like watching our years there but with different eyes. Though the director said he got an idea for a german professor (by the way, I. Samobor's play was outstanding)  at his math professor, I could relate it to our german professor.

I have been thinking about this movie for a long time after I left cinema. A movie that stays with you. It's not just the story of this generation and it's even not just the story of our school. It's the story of all of us. And it's definitely one of the best slovenian movies!

The ticket (:

Thursday, 24 April 2014

A midnight conversation

I like to talk. I mean, I like to participate in cool conversations. The ones that make you think. And I also like to discuss things with men to see their point of view. Recently I read somewhere that you should listen 70 % and talk only 30 % of the time.

We met for a coffee at 8 p.m. At the beginning there were also his friends but somewhere around midnight we left and went to some other bar. He comes from Germany but lives in Austria. A sports enthusiast who prefers a relaxed lifestyle. I actually didn't recognize him-I had some perception in my head but he looks better in person than he does on the photos :D

We basically talked about everything. I even mentioned my last emotional experience, which is still somewhere in the background of my mind. My friends told me once or twice that I should not be that honest in conversations with men. But if I'm in the right mood I'm going to talk about it.

He said he thinks nowadays in general people don't make much effort when it comes to the man-woman relations. "But opportunities are rare. And because of that you should make an effort when you meet someone special," I replied.

It was obvious that we were both pretty sleepy, but despite that we continued our conversation. We said goodbye at 6 a.m.

It was an interesting experience. Maybe I will visit him this summer in Austria and go to a mountain cycling with him. That should be fun! (:

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Is it hard to find a boyfriend (in Ljubljana)?

My new friend, a girl from Austria, asked me that. "Hmm.. Yes. But that's because I'm choosy." "That's good. It means you have standards." If I look back, I've met potential boyfriends on average every 1,5 years.

Our psychology professor at the faculty said that statistically speaking, the most stable relationships are those which develop from friendships. It's somehow logical to agree with that, because you know that people much better than you know those you meet in a club and who you soon start dating. But there's a catch: it has been said that while men only have one ladder-The real ladder, women have two ladders-also the friends ladder. A ladder is a rating system which everybody has and on which people of the opposite sex are positioned. The friends ladder consists of guys that we are not interested in and what is more important: in general, there is no jumping from the friends ladder to the real ladder.

I was discussing this Ladder Theory with my friend, a guy, and said: "Wait, what if out of nowhere I start feeling attracted to some guy that I have known for a long time and have never been interested in him before? That means that he "jumped" from my friends ladder to the real ladder?" "No, he didn't. He was on your real ladder the whole time, it's just that he was very low positioned." I have to say, that sounded interesting.

My girlfriend and I have always used to say that it's better to be quality alone, than in a low-quality relationship. There's a quote that I recall: "The smarter the woman is, the more difficult it is for her to find the right man." Lauren Bacall, an american actress and model, said that women always fall in love with the same type of a man. That this is our way of monogamy.

The thing is, that I've been fascinated by a man in the past. You know.."that something". When you could actually forget all the other guys and stay with him. So, what's the point of wanting something less than that?