Sunday, 27 December 2015

Just some thoughts about homeland

The last 15 months I have (more or less) spent abroad, to be more concrete: in Austria and Germany. Two days ago I came home after 3 months. Driving to Munich I talked with a guy from Germany and as I mentioned that I come from Slovenia, he said: "It must be beautiful there, right?" "Yes, it is. Have you ever been there?" "No, I just drove through Slovenia on my way to Croatia." This is actually the most frequent answer I have heard so far from Germans. On the other Hand I met many People from other parts of the world, who said: "Yes, I have been there, it´s an amazing Country." Funny Thing :D
These days I had time to check some interesting stuff online, whatever caught my eye: "Best Pictures of Slovenia in 2015 from different authors, a new article with the title "Is Slovenia really the most underrated Country in the EU?",.. In this article the author wrote, that being at the Lake Bohinj, surrounded by ist mountains, was the most amazing Thing she has seen. She also posted a Picture of her, Standing at the lake. This reminded me of me, being at the Lake Achensee in Austria, which is also surrounded by mountains. Like her, I was thrilled with the lake. And seeing these professional photos, I think to myself: "Waw, what an incredible Beauty!"

So, like I already read some Quote, living abroad sharpens your sense of seing the Beauty of your Homeland. It makes colours more intense. Something like this :D It happened to me this autumn, when I went with my mum to the forest to pick up chestnuts. As we drove back home, it crossed my mind: "Amazing, how much forest! And all These small hills." Though I have drove there several times before. (By the way, did you know, that Slovenia is one of the most wooded countries in the EU? 60 % of its territory is covered by forest).
Or Ljubljana. I was never actually a fan of this City. Now I think it is a really cosy and cute City.
Mountains. When I lived in Austria, I was fascinated by them, but we also have them -almost in front of our nose :D I even climbed the mountain in Innsbruck, but have never been on Triglav (our highest mountain).
And Lakes. Being fascinated by them abroad, forgetting what pearls we have at home. In my opinion, the Lake Bled is a worldwide masterpiece! :)
So, yes-being abroad changes your mind. And in the next year I will try to explore more amazing places at home. Which should not be to hard, since we live in a small Country.
P.S. And I can´t wait for the Ski jumping to start tomorrow! I know it is out of the context, but I just had to write it :)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Finding new friends

Living abroad means that sooner or later you will have to find new friends. People to go cycling with, for a coffee, in other words: to hang out together. And somewhere you have to start.

One of the easiest ways to do this  nowadays is probably social media. First I checked the Events near the City on Couchsurfing. I found nothing relevant. So, I posted my own post called "Ich suche neue Freunde" (the title was "a Little for fun, a Little for serious" we would say in Slovenia) with a short description, that I would like to meet People to go cycling, inline Skating with. To be honest, I expected that maybe 3 or 5 People would write me. So, the Feedback really surprised me. About 30 People wrote me that they would like to meet, wether they commented the post or sent me private Messages. Guys and Girls.Writing me: welcome in the City, some recommendations what is cool to do in the City and of course, that they would like to meet. Really cool! (: Then I got an idea that it would be nice to meet all of them and so I created the Event. 9 People came (10 including me). I also created a Group on Facebook and that was it. Let the hanging out begin! (:

The place where we met
Already at home, before going there, I had a feeling that it will be fun. Especially because People in the couchsurfing community have this open-minded Spirit and are communicative. And exactly that is how it was, speaking 3 languages(: One guy even said that he has a friend from Slovenia here and will introduce us! (: We met at the City beach, where we chilled in the deckchairs and then later went to some Biergarten and Bürgerfest.

Some of them wrote me, that they can`t come to our Meeting, but would like to meet some other time. So, it Looks like it`s really easy to find new People/friends. And I´m really looking Forward to meet them! (: Or how Taylor Swift said: "I love making new friends and I respect them for a lot of different reasons."

Friday, 1 May 2015

Let's talk about...women

This is a theme that I had in my thoughts for a longer time, I just never took the time to write about it. Then I saw at the Sophia Bush's Instagram (one of the women I adore, by the way) a quote which I wanted to include in this writing. "Other women are not my competition, I stand with them, not against them." A philosophy that I can relate to. If I'm honest, if I had to choose, I prefer men against women. Why? Because men are simple, there are no dramas. Women on the other side can be good actors and they can pretend very good. A lot of them. You can be the most friendly and helpful person and yes-women Will not like you. The reason? Competition.

Long time ago I saw somewhere a thought, which goes like this: "If men like you, women Will hate you." A very simple thought, which in my opinion expresses the point. And there are people, that we didn't actually choose to be friends with but happens that we somehow have some connection with them. Friends, roommates from our partners. I remember my ex boyfriend once told me how his best female friend is jealous of me. I was Quite surprised and asked: "How do you know that?" He said: "She told me." Yes, women often decide that they simply don't like other women .More often that men would thought. Co-workers are a special category, about which I Will not write :D

Recently I watched an interesting show on the televison. It was an experiment, where they at work (or was it a job interview, I don't remember) they confronted 3 women who didn't know each other before. Theye were waiting for someone to come and tell them what to do next. While one of them, the one that arrived as the third one, was shortly away, the person came and gave them some instructions. This person also asked these 2 to tell that also to the third one who was not in the room at that moment. When this third woman came back, the other two intentionally (!) didn't tell her about this information. The same experiment they did with men. What happened there? The 2 men, who got the information, immediately told about it to the third men when he came back. Furtermore, the studies showed, that 2 women create an union,into which other women can not enter. It doesn't matter who she is, how she looks, how she behaves. Men on the other side accept every new member and make a connection with each of them. Interesting, I have to say.

So,'s not easy to find (true) friends among women. That's why I'm happy when I meet a genuine woman, with whom I get a good feeling. But to be honest, they are rather rare. But that is why I appreciate them even more. (:

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Why living in Innsbruck is cool (even if you are not a winter sports freak:)

Last year I decided to spend the autumn and winter in Innsbruck. Because I believed it would be cool. Actually I didn't really move, but rather my last visit turned into a loong staying here. Totally spontaneously :D Though I'm not a winter sports freak, but a total summer person (or Sommermensch in German :D). But living in city, where other people go for a vacation, can be really cool. So, here are my favourites:

1. MOUNTAINS: it can happen that you will end up living in a house, directly next to mountains, which means that you have the view on them from every corner of it. Since they are all over the place, the city for sure has some charm. I know, we also have mountains in Slovenia, but I have never lived next to them. I remember I once told someone that we live under the mountain and he asked: "What, how did you mean that? Underground?" That was funny :D But when you look at the picture below, you will know what I'm talking about (:

View from the house

2. MUNICH: this amazing city is just 160 km away from Innsbruck, how cool is that? (: Besides that, the rides (I'm talking about car sharing) are really frequent (a lot of students go home for the weekend) and  acceptable (if not even cheap). So, in November I spent every weekend in Munich. 160 km, about 1 hour and 40 minutes of driving and unforgettable memories. (: It's hard to imagine to do this when living in Ljubljana!

Sunday walk in Munich.

3. CHRISTMAS MARKET: Christmas Market in Innsbruck really is something special. And as I saw on some chart, it was actually listed as the cutest one in Europe. It starts quite early (on 15.11.) and ends in the first week of January. So, no surprise Glühwein was my favourite drink this winter.

Visiting the Christmas Market with my mother.

4. AIR + STYLE: this event is really popular here and I can say it was one of the best things I've seen so far. A snowboarding competition at the Bergisel, amazing music and atmosphere (although it was snowing the whole time) and besides that also Cro, whose concert was on my to do list, was performing here! (: 

One word: amazing (:

5. COOL POSITION: in other words-everything is quite close, also Switzerland. 290 km to Zurich means that you also have to go there (: But one more cool place I would recommend to see, while being here: Achensee, the biggest lake in Tyrol. Seeing the picture of it, I wanted to go there right away. I also visited Rattenberg, the smallest municipality in Austria (only 400 people live there-a bit of geography:). Though in winter, it was totally worth it! (:

At the Achensee, last weekend.

To conclude: if I had to describe my life in the last 3 months living here, it would be: I enjoyed life to the fullest! Or how Germans would say it: Ich habe das Leben voll genossen! (: