Thursday, 11 September 2014

Where can you meet the most interesting people?

When we were younger (and single) my friends and me thought that we will meet interesting guys in the clubs. Then you see  that it doesn´t work like this and is therefore more an exeption than the rule. :D

Now, years later and quite a lot of international interactions behind me, my list of top 3 ways/places where you (can) meet interesting people goes like this:

1.) Carsharing: definitely the most sociable way of travelling (especially if you are travelling alone). All of my drivers on long distances were talkative, so also the rides were cool. Actually I can´t stay quite (and I don´t get the people who do that), because you can find out so many interesting things this way. For example: my last driver and me found out that we have a mutual friend (who is not a Slovene and lives in Germany!). When he walked me to his place, this our friend was laughing, like: What are you two doing here together? What a surprise for all of us! :DWith my other driver I was later singing at the karaoke. (: To sum up: 3 really pleasant guys in the last 3 months. 3 new friends, not bad!

2.) Couchsurfing: I have been writing about this before. But once again: via this community I have met truly interesting people. Last week I was hanging out with a guy from Sweden which was so amusingly. A friend recently asked me how is this scene and how are people here like. I said that it´s like all these people are the same nation, because they are not typical representatives of their countries. So if for example some nation is known to be close-minded or not open for meeting new people, these couchsurfers for sure are not like that.

3.) Friends of friends: And  last but not least: friends of your friends. I think it´s very likely to find a cool co-speaker in this group. Yes, I know-it´s not easy for women to find/have true female friends, but hey-maybe you´ll meet some cool person at the babyshower party. :D Or you can meet a new male friend at your friend´s birthday party.

So, that was my top 3 list. A list of people/events/things that made my life richer in the last weeks/months. And how do they say: "To travel is to live?" (:

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