Monday, 30 June 2014

Sometimes we are not the same afterwards

June, my favourite month. Because I was born in this month, but this year I also did a trip in June. An unimportant decision, which looking in a retrospective, turns out to be important, or at least big.

Already on a motorway my heart plays a song (:
München: I traveled through this city for several times, but never actually stopped there. So I was planning to visit it last December and found a host, but plans changed and instead of then I somehow came to his birthday party 6 months later. Furthermore, we were born on the same day! (: Already while walking on their street I got a feeling that this is going to be a cool city. After staying at his place for some time and exploring the city centre on my own something happened in my head. I felt like this is a city where I feel really good, the city where I could and would like to live. 
Exploring the city centre
Being  a guest at the party was also an interesting experience. Watching a football match (Germany vs. Ghana) and later playing some games that I've never seen before: Flunky ball, Beer pong and Looping Louie. It's a fact that at this one party I met more interesting people that I would do somewhere else in a much longer time. And though I love my country, I realised here how small our everyday world at home is. And how much more is it out there. Though I was really looking forward to my trip to Austria, it was hard for me to leave this city.
Looping Louie

Innsbruck: an opposite from München. Staying at my friend's place, where you have a view on the mountains from the balcony, the kitchen and even from the bathroom. If that's not romantic! (: 
On a balcony
Here I did a mountain biking for the first time (with the real mountain bike and everything) to the Nordkette. While for cycling up you need to be persistent, downhill was harder for me. These rocks! :D But lying on the grass on the top, having nothing on my mind, just existing..that was a priceless feeling!
Lying on the grass
On a rainy day we walked through the city centre and since I was hanging out with a photographer, we spontaneously made some cool pictures. From one of them we made a postcard, which I think is a great idea an a personal way of sending postcards. I sent 2 to Slovenia and 2 to Germany (:

A walk in the city centre
On a rainy day
"It's true that those we meet can change us, sometimes so profoundly that we are not the same afterwards, even unto our names." 
And that's exactly how I feel now.

Cycling in Austria
Coming back home, my sister asked me:
"Where do you find all these guys?"
"On couchsurfing." Couchsurfing, babe! (:

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