Friday, 23 May 2014

Cleaning out my wardrobe

Abraham Lincoln once said: "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. And that's my religion." Words to internalise, in my opinion.

Last weekend I found my mother in the attic of my parents' house and asked: "Mum, what are you doing?" "I'm gathering the clothes, which we are going to send to people in flooded places in Bosnia." My mother-such a modest and generous woman. A few minutes later I was automatically cleaning out my wardrobe. For the same purpose.

Since it has been a while that I did that, I found a lot of things I don't wear anymore or I forgot I have. Blue jeans, skirts, shirts,.. It's hard to imagine that one person wore them all, due to their different styles, but I'm sure that each of the pieces will find a new owner. Of the clothes I haven't worn for a long time, I kept just those with a story behind. A pullover my deceased grandmother bought me, although it's too big, but maybe one day it will fit me. 

When I finished, I remembered what my cousin, a dentist (with whom I lived in my first year at the faculty), used to say. She was a real enthusiast and we had strict rules about cleaning. When one of us (3 girls living together) finished with cleaning, she asked: "Don't you guys feel so much better now, when everything is so clean?" Oh yes, we surely did (:

I finished in about half an hour and emptied approximately the half of my wardrobe.

But the most important fact: I felt good.

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