Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A girl travelling alone

In the last 2 months I've been abroad 4 times. Everytime alone, by carpooling and couchsurfing, well to be more exact: staying with people I met there :D Some people say that a girl who travels alone is brave, but I agree with Thomas Jefferson who said: "One travels more usefully when alone, because he reflects more."

A coincidence? My driver picked me up in Ljubljana and said: "Heey! We've been driving together before! But we were both passengers." I didn't recall that, so after he described our ride, I remembered. How small the world is! Well, this can happen only in Slovenia. :D A guy from Ljubljana, visiting his girlfriend in Austria. It was one of those rides when very soon you feel domestic with that person and 5 hours just fly by. When your co-speaker is extremely honest and open-minded, so you talk with him basically about everything. And when getting out of the car at the end you get a feeling that you have a new good friend. He said: "Damn, now you know too much about me!" :D Another 2 coincidences: he lived at the same street as where I was staying and one day I met him and his girlfriend in the city centre. I said: "I forgot to tell you, but you are really cool!" "Thanks, you are too!"
The Inn river

Innsbruck through my eyes: my second visit here. In the evening I took a walk alone, near the Inn river to the city centre. This area, where you can see those colourful houses looks really nice.

Next days were more animated: hiking, a students party in the meadow, seeing a cute place (Ambras castle) on our way there. There was also time to read a book/drink a beer on a balcony and to visit the shops and bookstores there (they also have Mango). (:

The best soup in my life! (the right one) (:
Oh, and I ate the best soup and risotto in my life. The first one (Kartoffelsuppe) was on the top of a mountain, the second was prepared at home by guys. Mmm (:

The view on Innsbruck
The Ambras castle
On Sunday we had parliamentary elections at home in Slovenia (our professor won. I hope this will be a positive change for our messed up country), but here the main event was the FIFA World cup finale, which we watched at the Treibhaus.I'm not that into football, but watching it with guys from Germany was interesting. And I love Germany (:

At the Treibhaus
Selfie at the toilet
Travelling back home the next day from Innsbruck to München and from there to Slovenia with 3 guys was relaxed and we didn't talk much. We were all slightly tired: some because of exams and others because of parties :D

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