Saturday, 25 March 2017

My Story in Dubai

you know that kind of trips you didn´t even thought of, like the destination was not on your bucket list but you went and it was amazing? That´s my story of Dubai. Though I wanted to write this blog already weeks ago, I just got in front of the computer now, in a bar on Bali :)

After 2 years of living in Germany and the last year being the toughest year in my life, I just knew that I urgently needed a break. Like a real break. If possible, in a totally different environment. As my friend from Dubai asked me when am I coming to visit them, that was it! :) The Universe sent me exactly what I needed. Thank you for that!

I will not describe how the sight seeing and the must sees were. My story is that I was privileged to hang out with the "locals" so I got to see their way of living, if I can say that. Quite a lot of things were going on exactly in the time of my staying there. But since my whole trip was in the spirit of being thankful, I should also write about things I really appreciated and was grateful for :)

1.) Friends of 9 years: I met Iztok in 2008 in Ljubljana. Almost neighbours. 9 years is a long time. They know a lot of your jokes/sayings and history when you were like very young :) In no hotel a paper like this would be waiting for you :) It´s written: "Nena #from Novo mesto to Munich, #from Munich to Kijev, #from Kijev to Dubai. Welcome." I arrived in the morning, totally exhausted and first went to bed for 10 hours :)

 2.) New friends: woman talk and walk on the beach, roadtrip to Abu Dhabi. Nastja was probably the best company at the moment. It´s not hard to exclude things at home when you are having that kind of fun :)Another interesting person, new friend, I met at the airport and we flew together from Kijev to Dubai. Talking for hours about all the possible topics, from philosophy, psychology, to movies I could not believe when the crew said that we are landing in Dubai in the next minutes! :) On the picnic I met girls from Slovenia with whom I spent the whole next day. So I am also thankful for this day full of laughter. It was like Sex in the City 3 or 4, hehe :)
3.) Picnic in the desert / sandstorm: the Slovenes in Dubai celebrate the 8th of February, our big national holiday, in the desert. They prepare a picnic and read the poems. What a luck for me, to experience even this. Seeing how cars like Mercedes are being rescued out of the send by a jeep. I saw somewhere in Dubai "Life is too short to drive a boring car." I guess the jeeps are considered not to be boring, hehe. Also our prime minister was there and we went to this meeting in some fancy golf place. But since he was my professor, it was not the first time I saw him :D Oh, I should not forget the sandstorm while we were driving in the city!
Rescuing cars out of the sand is like nothing special there. My friend in the jeep, picture taken by me :)
4.) Extremely friendly people/staff: that was such a balsam for my soul. Sales people at the groceries talk to you, smile at you. In a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi, where I was waiting for my friend in some book store, the salesman came to me and talked with me for about 20 minutes. Not intrusively, not at all. He just asked where do I come from, what I am doing in Abu Dhabi and recommended me couple of books. And then I recommended him couple of books :) I miss this attitude at home. Where people would take time for each other, and not being seen as just a number. The guy at the swimming pol (they have a swimming pool in front of their apartment building! :) was even cooler. I asked him to take one picture of me but he took his task very seriously and did a real photo shooting, hehe :) 

Chilling in the pool 

5.) Universe: so, these was my experience of Dubai. Somehow it was in the spirit of the Universe and love. And being grateful for exactly this trip, at this time and at that place!

“I was born to join in love, not hate - that is my nature.” This quote by Antigone came to my mind after the day in the desert. 

"Follow your soul, it knows the way."

Friday, 27 January 2017

What were your passions when you were 10 years old?

Oscar Wilde once said: "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."    When you look back on your life, what did you once love to do but somehow forgot about it later on? Which interests/hobbies and passions did you have as a 10 year-old kid? I think we knew pretty well back then who we were. At least I did. I was in love with reading, badminton, playing piano and inline skating. Only my skates went everywhere with me. Of course I discovered also later activities that make me enthusiastic: bike and hiking. In my best days 100 km per day were a piece of cake. I lived for cycling. And I liked to said that I am a person of many interests. But anyway, it can happen very fast that you simply forget about your passions. You forget about yourself. Searching for a job or working 9-18 for example. It´s scary, how fast one can become a "soon is weekend again" zombie! Additionally being in a new environment, where you first have to organize your life. And there you are, asking yourself what it is, that makes your soul dance. 

Hiking in Bavaria

Last summer I started playing piano again. What an irony, we even had a pianino in our living room, but somehow I haven´t played it since ages. Starting playing again was so amazing, I felt so alive again! Our brain is such a remarkable thing: the songs I played ages ago, are still there. People don´t say without a reason that piano is the most romantic instrument :) At the same time I began playing badminton again. Similar feelings. As if that voice would say to me: "That´s it. Why did you even stop?" Recently I have even learned some basics of squash. Reading is again frequently on my schedule. Oh, and hiking. What a perfect getaway in a big city! Even more exciting in snow. If I would have to choose 2 coolest things in Munich so far, they would without a doubt be skating through the city (also to work :) and ice skating on a frozen lake.
I believe we often forget that we only have couple of decades on this planet and that we should express ourself as much as possible. No matter what is going on in our life at some particular moment. Because retrospective, days like these are the ones that make us alive. And our souls sing. :) Do you also have some passions you forgot about? You should go do them! 

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Home sweet home

Last weekend I spent at home, after 7 months I was again in Slovenia. I know, way too long. Now I decided to go home more often! I believe everyone who has been living abroad for a longer time, knows this feeling when you cross the border and hear your language again. But this time I fell in love with our country on a totally different level. I was impressed by literally everything :) Drinking coffe on a cosy balcony of my friend vith the view on the church and forest (I think I mentioned 3 times what an idyll they have :)-take a look at the picture below and you will know what I am talking about, cycling on my dear tracks, looking at all the forests and hills on the way. I said to my mother, how much life our street at home has. She asked: "How do you mean it?" I responded: all of these animals around, not only our dog, but also anmals from our neighbours, everything is so green and cozy." Hiking with the girls an a saturday morning and cycling to the next place near my hometown in the afternoon. On the way meeting a guy for a drink and realize how relaxed and funny slovenian guys are! I think that guys in my region were just borned with this attitude :D Like, everyone is relaxed and funny. If I would have to describe slovenian guys, I would mention this. And that they are extremely sporty, of course :) In the nord everyone is hiking and in the south everyone is cycling, including me :)

Sunday idyll

I am currently located in Munich, before that I lived in Ingolstadt. I said that life in Bavaria can be nice and cosy (they claim that it is the best place in the whole country to live :D ). But Slovenia is in my opinion the definition of cosiness and beauty. Couple of times I was asked in Germany, if I am thinking about moving back to Slovenia someday. I replied that this is not the plan, so probably not, but also that you should never say never. When you have a partner somewhere else, of course you are not thinking about going back. You are thinking about staying with him there. Well, now I also changed my mind about this. Now I know that I am a person for cosy places, so Slovenia is a perfect place. And if happens that I get a nice job at home someday or love brings me home, who knows how I would decide and what I would do :)

My passion, cycling <3

I also understand now better people, who say that they don´t wanna move to some other city because of a job. Being flexible has its price. The last 2 years I was really flexible, in Austria and Germany. But also this can change by time.
Three days always go by too fast. Driving back to Munich I mentioned my impressions. We were all Slovenians, living in Munich. The driver said: "Well, you are the first one after a long time, who is saying something positive about our country." 
They don´t say Home sweet home for no reason, right? :) Place where you are again you :)

Sunday, 7 August 2016

The feelings and relationships nowadays

The events in the last time and life in general made me think again. We live in the time of the so called crisis of values. Also when it comes to relationships. So many of them fall apart, because people just give up. Furthermore, I really think that every human being should have a basic knowledge about psychology! Because people nowadays so often complicate and destroy beautiful relationships just because they are not able to express and talk about their feelings. I had luck, I have to say. At the colledge I chose psychology as a subject. It was not just a subject, I am convinced I had one of the best professors in the world. She did not only had a PhD in  Law, but also a PhD in psychology. She could gave us an example from a real life for literally every sentence she mentioned. (if anyone is still doubting about the level of the slovenian colledges-let me tell you, they are on a high level!) And somehow I still have a feeling that I studied psychology and not law actually :) I remember, that I held a speech about feelings and this topic to some of my former boyfriends. And they have always listened to me with an interest :D

What is sad nowadays in my opinion is, that (so many) people are emotionally illiterate. By this I mean, that they do not know or are not able to express their feelings. People simply don´t know, that they will not feel the butterflies, or in other words-be on a honeymoon for their whole life. No, you for sure will not be! The first phase of a relationship is called infatuation. It is a short feeling, which normally lasts about 1,5 years and is very intense. After that, people develop the "real" feeling, which is called love. This phase is not intense anymore, because you see the other one through the "real" glasses and lasts long(er). This means, that some people think they don´t love their partner anymore, because the butterflies are gone. Yeah right! If it would have been so, then every couple would break up after the honeymoon phase! So, it is just the matter of if one is able to develop real feelings or not. This can happen after 1,5 years or after 25 years of marriage. It is sad in every case. Imagine a family with 3 children (more or less already adults), when all of a sudden the man decides that this is not love anymore. Like out of nowhere. Though you have 4 people, who would be prepared to discuss the situation, talk about it and nevertheless suggest and try to find solutions. But one is out of some reason just not prepared or even worse, able to talk about it. We are talking about people and relations here, not about things! And when it comes to problems and crisis, people just give up. Because it´s easy to give up. But they are not aware that crisis are only an opportunity to come stronger out of them. An opportunity to take things to a higher level! There are people, who, after facing some crisis, found out, that this is a relationship of their lives!!
Even harder, when one has knowledge about the topic and is willing to do his best, but there is just no feedback on the other side. And also the most beautiful fairytales in this world fall apart. Just like this, from today to tomorrow.
I read somewhere the following quote: "People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used." Maybe not exactly used, but really far away from it is not.
More readiness for a constructive discussion, please. We only have this one life, which is short!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

The best years

As long as I remember, I believed that the 20s are the best years in ones life. Parties, studying, no real obligations. This definitely changed this year. To be more particular, in June/July, soon after my 30th birthday. I somehow got a new perspective of life. Things, that were fuzzy not long ago, suddenly became clear. My perception of life changed, I know exactly what I want in life and what is really important.
Probably also living abroad since 2 years contributed a lot to this state of mind. In fact, all the experiences, people, challenges that life put on my way. All the job interviews, difficulties when trying to speak german on a level of your mother tounge. Not easy, especially when you have to talk to the professionals about the specific topics.
A feeling that you have never been stronger in your life and that you could survive anything. Literally. Abroad you are on your own, there are no "connections" or B Vitamin which is extremely popular in Slovenia. You have to be a fighter. And work hard. Work hard for things that were self-evident at home, which you reached easily. Like someone said already: you feel like a child, who is learning again how to express himself. And when already finding your way home in a new city is a challenge! New city, new country, hard language. Maybe even 2 new cities, because it can happen that your partner lives in another city. And again you have to coordinate, organise your life in a new dimension.

You get aware of your own value. The way you have gone. All the ups and downs. Life would for sure have been easier by staying in a comfort zone. I guess.
You are more than ever interested in the intelligent conversations. Conversations with the depth, about life, psychology, philosophy. Conversations that fulfill you.
You realize that your job is just a job. A duty, which you have to do on a daily basis to be able to survive. To be honest, I feel sorry for people whose sense of life is work. Shortly before dying, nobody regreted that they didn´t have a good house or car. People regreted that they worked too much and didn´t enjoy life and spend enough time with their beloved ones.
Family: when the visits reduce to 1 or 2 times per year, you see them differenlty. Seeing them is a special occasion, an extraordinary weekend, which always goes by too fast. Seeing your sister after almost one year for 24 hours makes you realize what a wise woman she became. And you talk til 1 a.m. because you have to discuss all the wisdom of the world :) You realize that family is the only constant which will always be there, though the members can be located in 3 countries. When things are not self-evident, you start to really value them.
You feel that you have stories to tell, lessons to forward on someone. Maybe on your (future) kids.
It all starts and ends with the family and with the feeling of coming home. Of being arrived. And if on the way you meet the guy of your life, you have everything. <3

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Just some thoughts about homeland

The last 15 months I have (more or less) spent abroad, to be more concrete: in Austria and Germany. Two days ago I came home after 3 months. Driving to Munich I talked with a guy from Germany and as I mentioned that I come from Slovenia, he said: "It must be beautiful there, right?" "Yes, it is. Have you ever been there?" "No, I just drove through Slovenia on my way to Croatia." This is actually the most frequent answer I have heard so far from Germans. On the other Hand I met many People from other parts of the world, who said: "Yes, I have been there, it´s an amazing Country." Funny Thing :D
These days I had time to check some interesting stuff online, whatever caught my eye: "Best Pictures of Slovenia in 2015 from different authors, a new article with the title "Is Slovenia really the most underrated Country in the EU?",.. In this article the author wrote, that being at the Lake Bohinj, surrounded by ist mountains, was the most amazing Thing she has seen. She also posted a Picture of her, Standing at the lake. This reminded me of me, being at the Lake Achensee in Austria, which is also surrounded by mountains. Like her, I was thrilled with the lake. And seeing these professional photos, I think to myself: "Waw, what an incredible Beauty!"

So, like I already read some Quote, living abroad sharpens your sense of seing the Beauty of your Homeland. It makes colours more intense. Something like this :D It happened to me this autumn, when I went with my mum to the forest to pick up chestnuts. As we drove back home, it crossed my mind: "Amazing, how much forest! And all These small hills." Though I have drove there several times before. (By the way, did you know, that Slovenia is one of the most wooded countries in the EU? 60 % of its territory is covered by forest).
Or Ljubljana. I was never actually a fan of this City. Now I think it is a really cosy and cute City.
Mountains. When I lived in Austria, I was fascinated by them, but we also have them -almost in front of our nose :D I even climbed the mountain in Innsbruck, but have never been on Triglav (our highest mountain).
And Lakes. Being fascinated by them abroad, forgetting what pearls we have at home. In my opinion, the Lake Bled is a worldwide masterpiece! :)
So, yes-being abroad changes your mind. And in the next year I will try to explore more amazing places at home. Which should not be to hard, since we live in a small Country.
P.S. And I can´t wait for the Ski jumping to start tomorrow! I know it is out of the context, but I just had to write it :)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Finding new friends

Living abroad means that sooner or later you will have to find new friends. People to go cycling with, for a coffee, in other words: to hang out together. And somewhere you have to start.

One of the easiest ways to do this  nowadays is probably social media. First I checked the Events near the City on Couchsurfing. I found nothing relevant. So, I posted my own post called "Ich suche neue Freunde" (the title was "a Little for fun, a Little for serious" we would say in Slovenia) with a short description, that I would like to meet People to go cycling, inline Skating with. To be honest, I expected that maybe 3 or 5 People would write me. So, the Feedback really surprised me. About 30 People wrote me that they would like to meet, wether they commented the post or sent me private Messages. Guys and Girls.Writing me: welcome in the City, some recommendations what is cool to do in the City and of course, that they would like to meet. Really cool! (: Then I got an idea that it would be nice to meet all of them and so I created the Event. 9 People came (10 including me). I also created a Group on Facebook and that was it. Let the hanging out begin! (:

The place where we met
Already at home, before going there, I had a feeling that it will be fun. Especially because People in the couchsurfing community have this open-minded Spirit and are communicative. And exactly that is how it was, speaking 3 languages(: One guy even said that he has a friend from Slovenia here and will introduce us! (: We met at the City beach, where we chilled in the deckchairs and then later went to some Biergarten and B├╝rgerfest.

Some of them wrote me, that they can`t come to our Meeting, but would like to meet some other time. So, it Looks like it`s really easy to find new People/friends. And I´m really looking Forward to meet them! (: Or how Taylor Swift said: "I love making new friends and I respect them for a lot of different reasons."