Monday, 18 August 2014

A chain of decisions

Do you ever wonder why and/or how some things/events happen? Things that you didn't plan and look like a coinsidence.

Well, I don't believe that things happen by coincidence. I can't neither say that I believe in fate. But I believe in words which I read in the past: "Everything in life is as it should be." And that whole life exists of our choices, or better: decisions. But there's something which fascinates me: how do you find yourself in some place and how a chain of decisions (or actions) brings together two people (and by that I don't mean just a man/woman relation, but in general)?

I had an interesting experience in Austria 2 months ago (this time I was there for business not for pleasure). I was supposed to spend the night in some village, which I arranged already at home. Coming there I decided to take a look around and took a walk on the left side of the village. There I met a girl and we said: "Hallo." Soon I was trying to find my place and figured out that this might be hard since the house numbers weren't in a sequence at all. Then there came again the girl I met before. Great! I asked her if she could help me find that place and the next moment we were searching together. "Did you take a walk when we met?" She said: "Yes." "That was a short walk,ha?" She said something like: "Yoo!" To shorten the story: in the end I didn't stay there due to some misapprehension and was running to catch the girl again so I could ask her for some hotel there because I really didn't want to drive back to the city again. She made a call and said: "No problem, you can stay at my aunt's house." 

And there I was: spending the night in a cute wooden house with a woman my mother's age. My bed had been ready before, like she would be expecting some couchsurfer that day :D I said: "You have a really cute house, I would like to live like that someday." She said: "Oh, I don't like it. I want to move to Bali." Well..who doesn't? :D

My cute austrian room
Thinking about it later, there are some elements that fascinate me. How did this girl and me both find ourselves at the same time in that part of the village (or better: how I caught her there during her few minutes walk). And was I supposed to sleep over at her aunt's place already from the moment I arranged my place on? I know, actually it's just about spending the night somewhere, but I think things like that are quite often also at more important matters in life. Also at finding a partner. (:

The same day I saw some interesting quote in the city centre (of course it was in German) and it goes like this: "Life is more than the notion that we have about it."

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  1. I believe that the walk brought yall (texas ) you and the girl were due to meet as in faith, the room in her aunt's house is so cute, its really great to be able to meet new people and make friends.