Thursday, 29 May 2014

Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high

I found this quote by pure chance on the web and liked it immediately. I kind of recognised myself in it and thought it would be cool to have a photo, related to it. Next day I was spending the afternoon with a girl from France in Ljubljana and of course we were taking pictures. Later at home I have noticed that, though unintentionally,we made that photo (:
The picture

That week I also started reading The top five regrets of the dying (an amazing book, by the way) in which the author also wrote about the walls people build around them. That it is a way of protecting yourself from being hurt, but on a long-term you cause the most damage actually to yourself. One of the top regrets people had before dying was: "I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings." These stories were really very sad. One man told her, that his son just knows he loves him. She asked him: "Did you tell him that?" He replied, that he didn't, but that he just knows it. The truth was that his son believed he has to prove himself for his father to love him, so he didn't know it. At that point I thought about the Chapman's 5 Love languages and how we express our love in different ways. Words of affirmation are just one way.

A decoration
Omnia vincit amor. A quote a man at the Ljubljana Castle (also that week) wrote me and I pasted it in my room. Translation: Love conquers all. Sounds like a cliche at first glance, I know. But looking at it for a while, it crossed my mind that there is actually so much love around us, we just have to see it. Mother, preparing you all the possible things when you are ill. The cousins you can rely on. Your dog seeking for love. A neighbour's cat coming to cuddle with you.

With my youngest cousin last weekend

Like Nena sings: "Liebe ist." 
Love. Liebe. Ljubezen. Ljubav.

An adorable cat, that was following us. So we made a photoshooting with her :D

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