Friday, 29 August 2014

Where I left my heart

I fell in love again. Not with a man, with a city. It's like everyone has a favourite city, and to me that's Munich. I just don't know why it took me so long to actually go there. :D

The view from the balcony
My second visit. Staying at my new friend's flat on a famous street called Leopoldstra├če. The building itself is amazing, but the view from the balcony at night is just breathtaking! It turned out that my host/new friend has a lot of friends from Slovenia who live in Germany. And as he said, he likes us because we are really cool and open people, just our language is strange. :D Hehe. A funny guy.

Dianatempel, Hofgarten (:
"Do you like to walk?" "Ja, sure!" He gave me a guidebook and the exploring began. Actually I just had to walk down this street for about half an hour to the city centre and on my way I say the sights. 
Walking down the street
Since I adore parks, the Hofgarten with it's Dianatempel was really charming! Even the taxies, all in the same colour, are so cool. And the architecture in general. Oh, and the Karlsplatz with it's fountain! (:

An interesting question?
But the highlight for sure was meeting my former host who took me to the Englischer Garten. You know, when you are in a good company at the great place? (: It was already dark outside and I didn't see much, but we saw surfers in the Eisbach river. Oh, and seeing the bats while lying on the grass. :D

So many impressions for "just" an ordinary day in the city. After experiencing all these animations, you just can't go back home. At least not for some time. Oh, I also found an interesting quote: "Thomas Wolfe was right when he said that Munich was a German heaven on earth."
The view from a restaurant

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