Sunday, 4 May 2014

The story of us

People in Germany (usually friends of my friends) often asked me where did I learn German. I told them that I learned it for 4 years in high school, because it was my second foreign language. Then they usually said, that I speak their language very well. I always replied: "We had a tough and demanding professor."

My hometown. The Grammar School is on the right side
Our Grammar School (Gimnazija Novo mesto) has always had a high reputation for having tough professors. And the toughest of them all were our English and German professor. Everybody knew that and most of us were afraid of them. They were so called old school professors with an amazing authority. Our English professor was also my neighbour, but she didn't know that and I never mentioned it. Actually, she never really memorised my name :D Our grades at these two subjects were on average 2 grades lower than our grades in general and we were often complaining that they demand a college knowledge. The last year we got a new professor for German and our grades increased.

I. Samobor, Class Enemy
"Today I would like to speak in Slovenian. I don't want either you or me to miss anything. Tell me, what did I do wrong? Tell me honestly. You have nothing more to fear." This is a quote that really moved me. It is from the movie Class Enemy which is based on a true story that happened at our school (also the film was shot there). The director of the movie and my cousin were freshmen, I was still attending Primary School when a student comitted suicide. Watching this movie was like watching our years there but with different eyes. Though the director said he got an idea for a german professor (by the way, I. Samobor's play was outstanding)  at his math professor, I could relate it to our german professor.

I have been thinking about this movie for a long time after I left cinema. A movie that stays with you. It's not just the story of this generation and it's even not just the story of our school. It's the story of all of us. And it's definitely one of the best slovenian movies!

The ticket (:

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