Monday, 7 April 2014

The most beautiful place

Slovenia is a smal, but beautiful country. This is the most common description of our country.

Last week I visited Bled with my couchsurfer and her friend. Bled is a number one must see, so it's no surprise that all the tourists (and couchsurfers) go there. We had a really great time, walked around the lake, took a picture, ate the cremeschnitte (: But I have noticed that almost nobody knows Otočec. That is why I say to the tourists: "You should visit Otočec too!" (:

The Otočec Castle (picture taken by my friend)
"If you see a castle under fog, you must walk there to meet the extraordinary dreams."  Otočec is the only water castle in Slovenia and far around. In my opinion it's also the most beautiful place. When I have time I go cycling almost every day and I like to stop there for a chill out. I cycle through the forest to the golf place where I enjoy the peace and clear my mind. That place is so calming.
Me, at the golf place
Me, trying to play golf

There's a hotel in the castle and it's a popular place for weddings. Last year our ice hockey player Anže Kopitar got married here, which is a big compliment. Also Matthew Perry was a guest at this wedding (:

Chill out by the water
Maybe my writing is a bit subjective because I live near there, but anyway: The Otočec Castle is just enchanting!

View from the air


  1. Nena,

    I enjoyed reading your entries, thanks for sharing. The comments about work in Slovenia vs. Germany is interesting, as that is what is said about Europeans in general vs. the U.S. The Germans get much more time off than we do, and the state of Florida is so popular with Germans that they make up a large part of the tourism there!

  2. P.S. We met when I stopped in Ljubljana on my way to a sail trip in Croatia in 2012.

    1. Hey Edward,

      thank you for your comments. I'm really glad to hear that also people in the U.S. read my blog (:
      P.S. I remember you and your friend.