Saturday, 12 April 2014

Life is better when you have cool neighbours

I moved in in 2006, right after the building has been built and the flats have been sold. The flats were ment for students and young people who want to live on their own, so most of them are studio apartments. My friend once said: "Wow, you live in that building? It looks like a building at the seaside!" "Seaside? Why?" "Because it looks totally cool." I laughed :D

Actually, the first 6 years I didn't know a soul there, although it was obvious that the population really was mostly students and young people. Maybe I studied too much and was asocial because of that :D But it's interesting that also my neighbour who lives 2 doors away moved in in 2006, but we first met and became friends in spring last year. About 2 weeks later we met another neighbour and now people from 5 flats out of 9 in our hallway are friends. Now we have a tea party, go for a walk and every now and then someone throws a party. But the police is a rare visitor at the door. I was once joking that neighbours don't call the police because they are all at the party :D 

I remember that a guy from Sweden, who was my neighbour's couchsurfer and we were hanging out together at her place, said he was surprised how people in Slovenia, especially neighbours, hang out together. In his country they don't know their neighbours and don't even say "hi" when they meet. Well, it's known that the Slovenes in general are a pretty open nation :D

To conclude, our building is definitely not an ordinary building in Ljubljana. Its feature are the relations between us. And life is better when you have cool neighbours. (:

The neighbours (:

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