Thursday, 27 March 2014

A friend from the past

It was the 20th of March this year, International day of Happiness. I was hanging out in the city centre with a friend and got his message, asking me if I would go with him to the presentation of some new car that evening. And we went.

We were pretty close friends when we were 21 and 22, who talked to each other on a daily basis. We also lived in the same street, so we spent a lot of time together. Kind of like two cousins. He was in love with the cars, working a lot. I was quite occupied with studying. But there were days when we just "jumped" from the cloudy Ljubljana to the sunny Portoro┼ż for a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I especially remember our trip to Austria, where we attended a race (he was working as a journalist). That was one of those days which remain in your memory. But then life went its own way and in the last 4 years we have met only accidentally in the street and had a few online chats.

Us at the race in Austria

At the race
So, now we were hanging out again. After the presentation we went for a coffee, because there was so much to talk about. We talked about jobs, our dogs, plans for the future, the Alchemist, his project which got the attention of the media, his moving to Dubai. It was like we were kids when we were hanging out the last time and now we were adult people.I think we both kept in our head the perception of the young version of the other. I noticed that he became more calm and that I learned to listen. Our conversation was really sincere and felt domestic.

He drove me back home and while I was getting out of the car I asked: "What did you say then? That I don't need the courage, but?" 
"Nothing. You just have to go."
My favourite photo, taken by him
Later he wrote me: "Thank you for your company today."
"Oh, the pleasure was all mine. It was really nice to meet you again."

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