Monday, 24 March 2014

People I admire

"Everything is beautiful, if you look at it with love." That would be a translation of the quote that is written on a stone in front of their house. And that's what their house really is about: full of love, respect, understanding and care for another person.

A stone 
They live in the same town as my grandparents did and we have been friends since I was a little child. At their place I have spent truly amazing holidays. My cousin once said: "You look very happy on your photos from Germany." She was right, I really am happy there.

He is a gentleman, very funny, well organized. She is caring, compassionate, a good listener. They both have a big heart and I truly admire them. I first visited them in June 2011. They took me on a hiking at the Neckar river, which was mesmerizing. Another day they spent with me five hours at the Bl├╝hendes Barock Ludwigsburg, just so I could see again the whole park and its animation. I have visited it several times before, but as a child. I returned in winter that year, because I wanted to see the Christmas market (: We visited two of them: that in Stuttgart and that  in Ludwigsburg. That was like a fairy tale! Before my leaving back home Herr Rudi gave me a gift: it was a handmade turtle, with my name on it. I was like: "Ooo, how nice!" He said: "I saw how sad you were at the market, where they didn't have things with your name, so I decided that I have to make one for you." That really moved me. I hung this turtle on a wall in my room and it has a special worth. 
Hiking at the Neckar river, 2011
Us at the Schloss Solitude, 2013
As I was leaving they said: "You should find a boyfriend here and stay in Germany." I said: "I think so too. And then I'll bring him here for your approval, so we can get married." And we laughed :D But frankly, I wish to have a marriage like they have someday.

I always leave with a bittersweet feeling.
Ludwigsburg: it feels like a second home to me- thanks to my grandparents who lived there and thanks to these wonderful people. It is a big privilege to know them.

Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg, 1990 and 2011

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