Sunday, 16 March 2014

Boys of our lives

"Stop waiting for Prince Charming. Get up and find him. The poor idiot may be stuck in a tree or something." This is the quote, my 15 year old cousin (who is one of the most intelligent people I know) wrote me on a poster and I hang it at the door in my room. We joke a lot, but there's a piece of truth in every joke :D
And since Boys are a regular theme at our socialisings with friends, let's say a word or two about them. (:
I read an article (How many "wrong ones" do you have to meet before you find the right one) on some slovenian page and the results say that on average women: sleep with 7 men, kiss 15 men and have 2 long-term relationships (from which in one of them they live with a man) before they meet "the one".
Who are these guys? Our ex boyfriends, lovers, or just some random flirts. Some of them we hardly remember and for some of them we thought they were "the one". What happened to them?
If you saw 500 Days of Summer (I love this movie, because it's so damn realistic), you probably remember the scene where she talks about her ex boyfriends and he asks her: "What happened to them?" And she answers: "What always happens: Life."
And what about Prince Charming, does he exist? Of course not. But as I remember, in conversations with my girlfriends we have always used a word: material. A material is a guy, who has the package of these qualities that we are looking for, or we approve. One word, which says a lot.
German actress Iris Berben once said: " Alle Frauen warten auf den Mann ihres Lebens, aber in der zwischenzeit heiraten Sie." (All women are waiting for the man of their life, but in the meanwhile they get married). I can relate to this quote, because it expresses that love happens when you least expect, or at least you are not looking for it.
My friend integrated the whole thing in this: there will someday be a guy, that you'll find cool. And he won't be going anywhere. Things will just fall into place. And you'll know it.
And what about the Boys from the title of this writing? I think they are our inevitable and needful Lessons until that moment. The moment, when we will play with our husbands and children, satisfied with our life and happy with the woman we've become..

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