Sunday, 12 July 2015

Finding new friends

Living abroad means that sooner or later you will have to find new friends. People to go cycling with, for a coffee, in other words: to hang out together. And somewhere you have to start.

One of the easiest ways to do this  nowadays is probably social media. First I checked the Events near the City on Couchsurfing. I found nothing relevant. So, I posted my own post called "Ich suche neue Freunde" (the title was "a Little for fun, a Little for serious" we would say in Slovenia) with a short description, that I would like to meet People to go cycling, inline Skating with. To be honest, I expected that maybe 3 or 5 People would write me. So, the Feedback really surprised me. About 30 People wrote me that they would like to meet, wether they commented the post or sent me private Messages. Guys and Girls.Writing me: welcome in the City, some recommendations what is cool to do in the City and of course, that they would like to meet. Really cool! (: Then I got an idea that it would be nice to meet all of them and so I created the Event. 9 People came (10 including me). I also created a Group on Facebook and that was it. Let the hanging out begin! (:

The place where we met
Already at home, before going there, I had a feeling that it will be fun. Especially because People in the couchsurfing community have this open-minded Spirit and are communicative. And exactly that is how it was, speaking 3 languages(: One guy even said that he has a friend from Slovenia here and will introduce us! (: We met at the City beach, where we chilled in the deckchairs and then later went to some Biergarten and B├╝rgerfest.

Some of them wrote me, that they can`t come to our Meeting, but would like to meet some other time. So, it Looks like it`s really easy to find new People/friends. And I´m really looking Forward to meet them! (: Or how Taylor Swift said: "I love making new friends and I respect them for a lot of different reasons."


  1. you write really good.. continue with it all the best (y)

  2. you write really good.. continue with it all the best (y)

  3. Thank you, Anurag. I appreciate positive feedbacks :)