Friday, 1 May 2015

Let's talk about...women

This is a theme that I had in my thoughts for a longer time, I just never took the time to write about it. Then I saw at the Sophia Bush's Instagram (one of the women I adore, by the way) a quote which I wanted to include in this writing. "Other women are not my competition, I stand with them, not against them." A philosophy that I can relate to. If I'm honest, if I had to choose, I prefer men against women. Why? Because men are simple, there are no dramas. Women on the other side can be good actors and they can pretend very good. A lot of them. You can be the most friendly and helpful person and yes-women Will not like you. The reason? Competition.

Long time ago I saw somewhere a thought, which goes like this: "If men like you, women Will hate you." A very simple thought, which in my opinion expresses the point. And there are people, that we didn't actually choose to be friends with but happens that we somehow have some connection with them. Friends, roommates from our partners. I remember my ex boyfriend once told me how his best female friend is jealous of me. I was Quite surprised and asked: "How do you know that?" He said: "She told me." Yes, women often decide that they simply don't like other women .More often that men would thought. Co-workers are a special category, about which I Will not write :D

Recently I watched an interesting show on the televison. It was an experiment, where they at work (or was it a job interview, I don't remember) they confronted 3 women who didn't know each other before. Theye were waiting for someone to come and tell them what to do next. While one of them, the one that arrived as the third one, was shortly away, the person came and gave them some instructions. This person also asked these 2 to tell that also to the third one who was not in the room at that moment. When this third woman came back, the other two intentionally (!) didn't tell her about this information. The same experiment they did with men. What happened there? The 2 men, who got the information, immediately told about it to the third men when he came back. Furtermore, the studies showed, that 2 women create an union,into which other women can not enter. It doesn't matter who she is, how she looks, how she behaves. Men on the other side accept every new member and make a connection with each of them. Interesting, I have to say.

So,'s not easy to find (true) friends among women. That's why I'm happy when I meet a genuine woman, with whom I get a good feeling. But to be honest, they are rather rare. But that is why I appreciate them even more. (:

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