Sunday, 27 December 2015

Just some thoughts about homeland

The last 15 months I have (more or less) spent abroad, to be more concrete: in Austria and Germany. Two days ago I came home after 3 months. Driving to Munich I talked with a guy from Germany and as I mentioned that I come from Slovenia, he said: "It must be beautiful there, right?" "Yes, it is. Have you ever been there?" "No, I just drove through Slovenia on my way to Croatia." This is actually the most frequent answer I have heard so far from Germans. On the other Hand I met many People from other parts of the world, who said: "Yes, I have been there, it´s an amazing Country." Funny Thing :D
These days I had time to check some interesting stuff online, whatever caught my eye: "Best Pictures of Slovenia in 2015 from different authors, a new article with the title "Is Slovenia really the most underrated Country in the EU?",.. In this article the author wrote, that being at the Lake Bohinj, surrounded by ist mountains, was the most amazing Thing she has seen. She also posted a Picture of her, Standing at the lake. This reminded me of me, being at the Lake Achensee in Austria, which is also surrounded by mountains. Like her, I was thrilled with the lake. And seeing these professional photos, I think to myself: "Waw, what an incredible Beauty!"

So, like I already read some Quote, living abroad sharpens your sense of seing the Beauty of your Homeland. It makes colours more intense. Something like this :D It happened to me this autumn, when I went with my mum to the forest to pick up chestnuts. As we drove back home, it crossed my mind: "Amazing, how much forest! And all These small hills." Though I have drove there several times before. (By the way, did you know, that Slovenia is one of the most wooded countries in the EU? 60 % of its territory is covered by forest).
Or Ljubljana. I was never actually a fan of this City. Now I think it is a really cosy and cute City.
Mountains. When I lived in Austria, I was fascinated by them, but we also have them -almost in front of our nose :D I even climbed the mountain in Innsbruck, but have never been on Triglav (our highest mountain).
And Lakes. Being fascinated by them abroad, forgetting what pearls we have at home. In my opinion, the Lake Bled is a worldwide masterpiece! :)
So, yes-being abroad changes your mind. And in the next year I will try to explore more amazing places at home. Which should not be to hard, since we live in a small Country.
P.S. And I can´t wait for the Ski jumping to start tomorrow! I know it is out of the context, but I just had to write it :)


  1. Hello, I was in Slovenia a couple of years ago and it was one of my best holidays :) Beautiful country, amazing mountains, pure nature, friendly people and cheap, delicious wine - all that makes holidays in Slovenia the best you can possibly have! :)

  2. Beautiful lakes and mountains! Why is it the people that live close by, rarely stop, only pass by?

  3. I would love to go to Slovenia someday! Sounds like breathtaking natural beauty...

  4. Beautiful photo! Enjoy ski jumping :)

  5. Slovenia is indeed a very beautiful country. I did not go yet but plan to visit in future!

  6. Thank you for your comment ladies :)
    Joanna: that is really nice to hear and I totally agree with you. Recently I hear this quite often from people who visited our country :)
    Jennifer: I ask myself the same. In this aspect Slovenia is a quite underrated country.
    Sierra: you should definitely do it-you will not regret it :)
    Aimee: thank you, I will-at the Moment we totally rock in this Sport :)
    Tania: good choice :)

  7. Slovenia is so gorgeous! We're thinking about going later in the year, I hope we make it :)