Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Why living in Innsbruck is cool (even if you are not a winter sports freak:)

Last year I decided to spend the autumn and winter in Innsbruck. Because I believed it would be cool. Actually I didn't really move, but rather my last visit turned into a loong staying here. Totally spontaneously :D Though I'm not a winter sports freak, but a total summer person (or Sommermensch in German :D). But living in city, where other people go for a vacation, can be really cool. So, here are my favourites:

1. MOUNTAINS: it can happen that you will end up living in a house, directly next to mountains, which means that you have the view on them from every corner of it. Since they are all over the place, the city for sure has some charm. I know, we also have mountains in Slovenia, but I have never lived next to them. I remember I once told someone that we live under the mountain and he asked: "What, how did you mean that? Underground?" That was funny :D But when you look at the picture below, you will know what I'm talking about (:

View from the house

2. MUNICH: this amazing city is just 160 km away from Innsbruck, how cool is that? (: Besides that, the rides (I'm talking about car sharing) are really frequent (a lot of students go home for the weekend) and  acceptable (if not even cheap). So, in November I spent every weekend in Munich. 160 km, about 1 hour and 40 minutes of driving and unforgettable memories. (: It's hard to imagine to do this when living in Ljubljana!

Sunday walk in Munich.

3. CHRISTMAS MARKET: Christmas Market in Innsbruck really is something special. And as I saw on some chart, it was actually listed as the cutest one in Europe. It starts quite early (on 15.11.) and ends in the first week of January. So, no surprise Gl├╝hwein was my favourite drink this winter.

Visiting the Christmas Market with my mother.

4. AIR + STYLE: this event is really popular here and I can say it was one of the best things I've seen so far. A snowboarding competition at the Bergisel, amazing music and atmosphere (although it was snowing the whole time) and besides that also Cro, whose concert was on my to do list, was performing here! (: 

One word: amazing (:

5. COOL POSITION: in other words-everything is quite close, also Switzerland. 290 km to Zurich means that you also have to go there (: But one more cool place I would recommend to see, while being here: Achensee, the biggest lake in Tyrol. Seeing the picture of it, I wanted to go there right away. I also visited Rattenberg, the smallest municipality in Austria (only 400 people live there-a bit of geography:). Though in winter, it was totally worth it! (:

At the Achensee, last weekend.

To conclude: if I had to describe my life in the last 3 months living here, it would be: I enjoyed life to the fullest! Or how Germans would say it: Ich habe das Leben voll genossen! (:

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