Sunday, 21 August 2016

Home sweet home

Last weekend I spent at home, after 7 months I was again in Slovenia. I know, way too long. Now I decided to go home more often! I believe everyone who has been living abroad for a longer time, knows this feeling when you cross the border and hear your language again. But this time I fell in love with our country on a totally different level. I was impressed by literally everything :) Drinking coffe on a cosy balcony of my friend vith the view on the church and forest (I think I mentioned 3 times what an idyll they have :)-take a look at the picture below and you will know what I am talking about, cycling on my dear tracks, looking at all the forests and hills on the way. I said to my mother, how much life our street at home has. She asked: "How do you mean it?" I responded: all of these animals around, not only our dog, but also anmals from our neighbours, everything is so green and cozy." Hiking with the girls an a saturday morning and cycling to the next place near my hometown in the afternoon. On the way meeting a guy for a drink and realize how relaxed and funny slovenian guys are! I think that guys in my region were just borned with this attitude :D Like, everyone is relaxed and funny. If I would have to describe slovenian guys, I would mention this. And that they are extremely sporty, of course :) In the nord everyone is hiking and in the south everyone is cycling, including me :)

Sunday idyll

I am currently located in Munich, before that I lived in Ingolstadt. I said that life in Bavaria can be nice and cosy (they claim that it is the best place in the whole country to live :D ). But Slovenia is in my opinion the definition of cosiness and beauty. Couple of times I was asked in Germany, if I am thinking about moving back to Slovenia someday. I replied that this is not the plan, so probably not, but also that you should never say never. When you have a partner somewhere else, of course you are not thinking about going back. You are thinking about staying with him there. Well, now I also changed my mind about this. Now I know that I am a person for cosy places, so Slovenia is a perfect place. And if happens that I get a nice job at home someday or love brings me home, who knows how I would decide and what I would do :)

My passion, cycling <3

I also understand now better people, who say that they don´t wanna move to some other city because of a job. Being flexible has its price. The last 2 years I was really flexible, in Austria and Germany. But also this can change by time.
Three days always go by too fast. Driving back to Munich I mentioned my impressions. We were all Slovenians, living in Munich. The driver said: "Well, you are the first one after a long time, who is saying something positive about our country." 
They don´t say Home sweet home for no reason, right? :) Place where you are again you :)

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